Faculty and Staff

Grade Name / Website Room
Principal Dr. Courtney Lemon-Tate, Ed.D. clemontate@holycrossphila.org
Teacher Leader Ms. Kimiyo Cain kcain@holycrossphila.org
Secretary Mrs. Tina VanThuyne holycrossoffice@holycrossphila.org
Kindergarten Ms. Artensa Johnson AJohnson@holycrossphila.org
First Grade Mrs. Jane Ries-Jacoby jriesjacoby@holycrossphila.org
Second Grade Mrs. Stacey Hagstotz shagstotz@holycrossphila.org
Fourth Grade Mrs. Karen Campbell-Craig kcampbellcraig@holycrossphila.org
Fifth Grade Ms. Samantha Schubert sschubert@holycrossphila.org
Middle School Social Studies & Religion Mrs. Mary Iacovelli miacovelli@holycrossphila.org
Middle School ELA Mr. Ryan Wleklinski rwleklinski@holycrossphila.org
Middle School Math and Science Mrs. Lauren Dicko ldicko@holycrossphila.org
Middle School Math & Science Mr. Feliz Irizarry firizarry@holycrossphila.org
Middle School Co-Teacher/Interventionist Mrs. Heather Jones hjones@holycrossphila.org
Technology/Library Mrs. Natalie Daniel ndaniel@holycrossphila.org
Music/Art/Gym Mr. Brandon Rembert brembert@holycrossphila.org
IMS Network Enrollment & Tuition Manager Mrs. Yolanda Haynes yhaynes@independencemissionschools.org
Third Grade