Ways to Support Holy Cross

Thinking about giving Holy Cross Catholic School a financial gift?  Gifts of every size help our families continue to send their students, put resources in the hands of teachers, and help us strengthen and grow an already vibrant school.  There are several ways to get involved and help us continue the mission.


Holy Cross Annual Fund

The simplest way to give a monetary gift is through our secure online form.  Just click here and you are on your way!  Every single dollar counts.

You are also welcome to mail your tax deductible donations to:
Holy Cross Catholic School
c/o William Grogan
144 East Mount Airy Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19119


Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program
Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program

Did you know that most Pennsylvania businesses qualify for a tax credit when they support our school? Up to 90% or more of your scholarship donation can be paid back, dollar for dollar in the form of a tax credit. The subsequent federal tax deduction reduces the cost of your contribution to pennies on the dollar.

There is no risk to apply or participate. If you apply and are approved for the credit, you do not have to make the contribution if you are no longer able. C-Corps, S-Corps, Single & Multi-Member LLCs, and LLPs all qualify.

EITC / OSTC funding further closes the gap between St. Helena-Incarnation’s expenses and our family’s ability to pay, allowing our vulnerable students to receive quality education in a neighborhood with no other options for affordably educating their children.

Check out details here.

For more information, you can visit the EITC or OSTC websites.

To get started, contact Will Grogan, Development Director at (267) 476-0982 or by email at wgrogan@holycrossphila.org.


Visit us!

Are you passionate about Catholic education, but want to get to know us better before you give?  Well you are in luck, because we want to get to know you, too!  Contact Will Grogan at (267) 476-0982 or by email at wgrogan@holycrossphila.org to set up a school visit.

You’ll tour the school, meet with our wonderful principal and get to talk to the students we are all here to support.  We’ll answer any questions you may have and make sure you know that when you are here at Holy Cross, you are home.