Felix Irizarry - 7th-8th Grade Math and Science

7th and 8th Grade Greenhouse-Day 7 of observations. Student can still bring recyclable items to use as pots and any seeds they want to plant.
7th and 8th Grade Behavior Chart Started Today-only for Math and Science. If they didn't get a red check on their charts, the student had a good day. Please ask your children for their behavior charts, its another way of communication between parents and teacher. Please read the behavior chart to have a better understanding of consequences. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Cell phones and smart watches are becoming a repeated problems for certain students not wanting to turn their phones in the morning. Students who are caught not turning their phones in will be written up for not following school rules.
Spanish club will be held tomorrow from 3:00 pm until 4:15 pm.
Students who are dancing for the show can watch the videos below:
Salsa for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVtWSZOttC0 and
Softball for girls 13-16, tryouts not for our school but if any female students are interest copy and paste link and schedule tryout. https://www.leadershipfirst.org/


7th Grade Math-Test on 2/12/20 and review on 2/11/20. Collecting Rational Number Like Terms

8th Grade Math-Test on 2/13/20 and review 2/11/20. Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

7th and 8th Grade Science-Climates and Biomes-Homework, compare and contrast two Biomes, due on Wednesday.

Felix Irizarry

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My name is Felix Irizarry. I was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. I came to Philadelphia in 1984 at the age of twelve years old. I graduated from Edison High School in 1991. I went to Temple University for Pharmacy, Accounting and Education. I got married when I was twenty-four years old. I have two boys from my marriage and one son who I adopted this past year. My oldest son is a senior at Roman Catholic. My youngest son suffers from Autism. Autism has taught me to have a lot of patience and understanding. For the past twenty-three years, I worked for the School District of Philadelphia, Congresso Latino Charter School, and Antonia Pantoja Charter School. I am happy and excited to be part of the Holy Cross family. God is first, without God There Is No Me! God Bless All My Students And Their Families!