Mr. Ryan Wleklinski - 6-8th English Language Arts

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Grade 6: DV3JR3
Grade 7: W9GYDP
Grade 8: 7VR3QB

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Wednesday, February 12

6th Grade (all) Complete p. 15 in Expeditionary Learning packet on Bud, Not Buddy (SELECTED RESPONSE QUESTIONS ON TONE AND MEANING)

6th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus

6th Grade (Sophia)

7th Grade (all)

7th Grade (Sophia)

8th Grade (all) Why is Shirley Chisholm taking a stand for women’s rights rather than African American rights? Use specific evidence from the text to write a paragraph that answers this question.
*Answer the prompt completely
*Provide relevant and complete evidence
*Paragraph includes the following
-a focus statement
-at least 3 pieces of evidence
-for each piece of evidence, an analysis or explanation: What does this evidence mean?
-a concluding sentence

8th Grade English Language Arts Syllabus


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8th Grade (Sophia)

Mr. Ryan Wleklinski