Mrs. Dicko - 8th Grade Homeroom

2020-21 School Year

Welcome Back!!!


Week of: September 6th, 2020

6: Sophia Math Google Classroom Code: 5bbdlqc
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6: Earth Science Google Classroom Code: l3rcbmb
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7: Pre-Algebra Google Classroom Code: hlswa5f
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8: Algebra 1 Google Classroom Code: 7ureadj
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Mrs. Dicko



Hello Holy Cross Families! My name is Mrs. Dicko and this marks the beginning of my third year at Holy Cross School. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at LaSalle University and a Master's in Education from Cabrini University. My time away from school is shared with my loving husband, and our adventurous daughter, Mariam. This year I am teaching three levels of Math along with Earth Science. My goal each year is to share my love for Math in an exciting way and prepare your children for academic success well beyond our classrooms. I look forward to another exciting and collaborative year ahead!