Mrs. Mary Iacovelli - 6,7, and 8

Letters describing March 11 High School Visitation Day went home with the 7th graders today. Please read and return no later than February 24th. Thanks in advance for your interest and cooperation.


Monday 2/10/20

8th Grade Social Studies - Write answers for #1to 5 p.343

Religion - Complete Activities pp.115 and 117 #2

7th Grade Social Studies - Write answers # 1 to 6 p. 104 on loose leaf.

Religion - p.332, 334 also p'33 and 335 read in order to prepare for news article which you will write with a partner.

Social Studies - Study p.80 for tomorrow's test.

6th Grade Social Studies - Write answers p. 75 #6. and p. 76 # 1 to 3.

Tuesday 2/11/20

8th Grade Social Studies - Read pp. 344 to 350. Complete front and back
of Texas Revolution Worsheet.

Religion - Read p. 118 Complete Activity bottom of the page.
Read over p. 119

7th Grade Social Studies - Write Complete questions 7 to 10.

6th Grade Social Studies - Write 6 terms and definitions p. 77

Thursday 2/13/20

8th Grade Religion - Chapter Review p.121-122. Extended Response
p.119 due Tuesday. Should be typed.

7th Grade Social Studies - Finish Graphic Organizer : as shown in class
featuring the Political, Economic and Social
areas of all the English colonies.

Religion - Study Unit 2 Review pp. 140 - 142 for next week's

6th Grade Social Studies - Study Chart p. 80 for tomorrow's quiz.

Thursday 2/14/20

8th Grade Social Studies - Study for next week 's test ERA of Good
Feelings. pp. 303 - 343.

Religion - Extended Response p. 119 ( typed if possible)
due Tuesday 2/18. Chapter 7 Test Wednesday.

7th Grade Religion - Study pp. 140 - 143 for next Thursday's U. 2 Test.

Social Studies - Tuesday 2/17 check -in with partner about work finished on Colonies Pamphlet. Completed Pamphlet
due on Wednesday 2/19. Study Chapter 3 for Friday 2/21

6th Grade Social Studies - Study Chart p. 80 for Tuesday's quiz.

Religion - Complete Pen Pal Questionnaire and bring in a photo of yourself for our pen pal project.

Friday 2/07/20

Grade 8 Social Studies - Complete #3 to 5 p. 343

Grade 7 Religion - Study for Monday's Chapter 8 test pp. 133 - 134

Study all colonies on your graphic organizer -Social Studies

Grade 6 Religion - Study for Monday's Chapter 7 Test pp. 117-118

Social Studies - Complete questions # 3 - 5 p. 75

Mrs. Mary Iacovelli


The teaching profession is a vocation for me . At an early age I knew this is what I wanted to do in my life . I am an experienced teacher. My students are challenged each day by the rigorous curriculum and the lessons that are taught. There is an enthusiasm on the part of the students who come to class prepared ready to be engaged in the learning process. Currently, the subjects I teach are Social Studies 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and ELA 6th grade Seers.