Ms. Johnson - Kindergarten

We are now entering the exciting the world of addition and subtraction! Student are using their knowledge of counting numbers and understanding the value of a number to now solve addition and subtraction problems using number bonds and equations. We will work on understanding the concept of “all together” with equations (__+__= 5) then move on to taking apart the numbers decomposing numbers (5=__+__). Then we will go into subtraction taking the same steps and approaches as additions, decomposing (__-__ = 8).

It’s a beautiful day in this Neighborhood! In this unit we are discussing neighborhood. We will read books about what is in their neighborhood and the different people and places in the neighborhood as well. Then ending the unit learning about neighborhood workers. Our new letter will be D, H and R. Introducing new sight words are, for and you. In writing we are praticing writing directions using sequence words first then and last.

In writing we are practicing labeling our pictures and learning to tap out the sounds in a word in order to do our best spelling. Students are beginning to write complete sentences independently using our new high frequency words as well as sentence starters such as " We like" and "I like a"


Monday 2/10/20

Math Lesson 5 pp 21
Practice book pg 127

Review HFW words and read 2-3 small books from Practice books.

Tuesday 2/11/20

Math Lesson 6 pg 25
Practice book pg 128
rip and readout "For You"

Review HFW words and read 2-3 small books from Practice books.

Wednesday 2/12/20

Math lesson 7 pg 29

Practice book pg. 131

Review HFW words and read 2-3 small books from Practice books.

Thursday 2/13 /20

Math lesson 8 pg 33
Practice book pg 132

Friday !


Ms. Johnson


I am very excited to be teaching kindergarten with such lovely bright-eyed eager learners. A little bit about myself, I graduate with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Temple University. I grew up and still live in Yeadon, PA. This is my 2nd year teaching at Holy Cross. I’ve taught 1st grade during my last semester at Temple and throughout my college years I’ve had the privilege of observing two different kindergarten classroom environments. I’ve also worked at the Please Touch Museum for over a year.
When I teach I believe an engaged student is a student who is learning. I always like to make learning as fun and interactive as possible. Whether that’s using real life examples from the students lives to connect to the content being taught or simply engaging in active learning, mentally and physically. I look forward to hearing from you all. Let’s make this year a great one!